Our founder, Shahbaz Chaudhary, is a 2nd generation pharmacy owner. Since 2013, he has built 5 start up Pharmacies in New York, with Deliver My Meds as his most recent start-up pharmacy

Shahbaz Chaudhary

In December of 2019, Shahbaz’s father suffered a heart attack that damaged the majority of his heart. After a 3-week hospitalization, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and his cardiologist implanted a defibrillator. 

The reason for the heart attack? Shahbaz’s father had a lot of medications that needed to be refilled multiple times a month and with so many different pills to keep track of, he forgot to take one of this heart medications for the five days before the heart attack. As a result of the heart attack, he is undergoing cardiac rehabilitation and has a significant decrease in his quality of life. 

So Shahbaz got to thinking of a better way to receive and organize prescription medications. A system where the process of  receiving, taking, and refilling prescriptions could be simplified so no one would have to endure the same issues his father had. 

That long development process led him right here, to Deliver My Meds.  

Our Aim 

At Deliver My Meds we provide a fast, convenient, and safe solution to our patients. Going to the pharmacy and getting your prescriptions should be easy and your pharmacy should work for you. It’s why our motto is “Prescriptions Simplified” and we implement this motto into every aspect of our company. 

How We Work?

Our Pharmacy technicians will synchronize a patient’s medications to one day per month, every month. Patient's don't have to go to the Pharmacy multiple times to pick up their medications. We will deliver ALL your medications to your doorstep at no charge. 

Once a technician processes a prescription for a new patient (or refills prescriptions for an existing patient) a clinical Pharmacist reviews all the medications for drug to drug interactions, drug quantity and supply, directions for use, and patient allergies. If the clinical Pharmacist sees that there is a recommendation that may help the patient’s health and wellness, they will consult the patient and physician with a plan moving forward.

The patient has the option of getting their medications in classic vials or our easy-to-use strip packaging. We highly recommend using our innovative strip packaging, which shows you the date, day, and time the medications should be taken on each bag. This helps you stay on top of your regimen and avoid any confusion. 

Studies have shown that 27% of patient's have a lapse of therapy because they did not pickup their medications from the pharmacy. That’s why one of our HIPPA and FWA trained and certified drivers will deliver your medications before you run out.

If you are interested in our service or would like to find out more, contact us at delivermymeds.com 

We’d love to help you get your Prescriptions Simplified