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Deliver My Meds, the DME supplier provides you with ground-breaking DME (durable medical equipment) supplies to make patients’ life comfortable. Our organization comprises a team of highly committed and skilled professionals, who have devoted themselves to providing
unparalleled services to our customers.

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How it works


Get in touch

To initiate your order, all you need to do is to fill out the comprehensive form. The form seeks all necessary details required for processing your order for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). We require doctor's order along with chartnotes with current medication from your doctor. Once we have all the documentation, our team will commence with the order processing without any delay.


Text confirmation

Deliver My Meds also facilitate you with a text confirmation amenity. When you are required to renew your prepackaged device, we send you a confirmation text. For instance, we text you for the repurchase of your CGM sensor’s monthly subscription after every 30 days.


Delivery at your doorstep

Once the order processing is accomplished, we are obligated to deliver well-packaged medical equipment to your desirable place. That’s why we dispatch your order and ship it to your home, your office, or anywhere you want us to, promptly.


At your next appointment

Inform your doctor about Deliver My Meds at your next appointment.

Become a Part of the Deliver My Meds Family Dial Our Toll Free Number (833) 323-6337 to Find Out More Details


Hassle-Free Delivery 

  • Well-packaged DME devices are delivered without any delay.
  • No hidden charges! 
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Convenient supply of Monthly Refills

Once you sign up, we schedule your first DME pack and your monthly refill automatically. The CGM pack includes your diabetic supplies according to specific dates and times. The prepackaged supply delivered right to your doorstep or any place of your choosing.

Tailored Options Available

Call (833) 323-6337 to Find Out More Details

We offer diverse range of DME products along with home delivery  according to the need of the patient.
At Deliver My Meds, we prioritize the needs of our valued customers and make sure that we meet all your needs by providing the best delivery services.

Happy Faces of Happy Customers

I no longer have to worry about my diabetes as i get cgm device from Deliver My Meds along with monthly refills without any hassle. This made my life a lot easier because i can monitor my diabetes from anywhere.  This service is literally God sent..
Sarah Avery​

Why do the good people of  Texas choose Deliver My Meds? 

Same-day Delivery

Deliver My Meds offers free same-day DME delivery at your home, apartment, or workplace.

We handle your insurance

Our team coordinates with your insurance and doctor to manage the ‘’before authorization’’ process of your Free DME delivery.

Best Prices

We make sure you receive value for your money and save on CGM prices. We coordinate with your insurance company and inform you before checking out the  prices.

Out of Stock is not an option.

Deliver My Meds will make sure no delay on your monthly refill and keep all the order sorted so that patient won’t have to worry about monthly refills. Which make the customer to put more focus on their healthy diabetes management..

Privacy & Safety

We value your privacy and your conversation with our staff is strictly confidential. All of our employees receive HIPAA training prior to starting at Deliver My Meds and annually.

Wondering what this service is?

How much will it cost me? 

In most cases customer don’t have to pay when their insurance covers its. Wanted to get know more about it?

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