Did you know that June is Brain and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month?

Alzheimer's disease is a brain disorder, a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Everyone who has a brain is at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, the only leading cause of death that cannot be prevented, cured, or even slowed.

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. We have an opportunity to hold a conversation about the brain as Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most significant public health issues that is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease

Some interesting facts about Alzheimer's disease:

  • Women are more prone to developing Alzheimer’s.

  • The incidence of Alzheimer’s (AD) will increase to every 33 seconds by 2050.

  • 45% of American seniors 85 and older are suffering from Alzheimer's.

  • The Alzheimer’s Association states that AD is the only disease with top 10 causes of death in the U.S. without any proven methods for preventing, curing, or slowing down.

  • Studies suggest that frequent changes in the sense of smell may be an early sign of AD.

Preventative measures:

Although the exact cause and cure of Alzheimer's disease (AD) are still unknown, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease or a way to slow or stop its progression. However, there are non-drug and drug options that may help treat symptoms and improve quality of life. A healthy lifestyle can help to reduce disease risk. If you are suffering from AD or worried about developing the disease, here are some preventative measures you can take:

  • Eat a balanced diet.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Stay socially and mentally active.

  • Get involved in group and interactive activities.

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