Welcome to Deliver My Meds, Long Island’s Community Diabetic Supplier

Deliver My Meds is located in the 1100 Business Pkwy STE 185. We provide free delivery of monthly maintenance doctor’s order throughout the United States. We offer strip packaging services for your diabetic supplies at no additional cost to you.


Medications Pre-Sorted for your Convenience

With strip packaging services at Deliver My Meds, you receive a monthly supply of your diabetic supplies pre-sorted in easy to open packets, each one clearly labeled with your name, day, date, and time of day as per doctor’s order. You no longer need to wonder if you took your last scheduled medication because the information on the current packet lets you know your next scheduled time. Your doctor’s order strip package is delivered to you at a convenient time at no additional cost to you.

We Work With Most Insurance Companies, Including NY Medicaid and Medicare Part D

At Deliver My Meds, we coordinate your doctor’s order with your physician and insurance company to ensure you receive your doctor’s order medications timely and accurately. We work closely with your physician from your very first doctor’s order with us throughout the lifetime of your renewal doctor’s order to ensure quality and service.

Healthcare Professional At Your Service

At Deliver My Meds, our only priority is you, our valued customer. If you have general questions about our services or specific questions about your medications, doctor’s order, or dosage, please know that we’re here for you!