All you need to know about health insurance

Healthcare in the United States of America is very expensive, and the costs can rise exorbitantly in certain instances.

How expensive is healthcare in the United States?

Simply put – if you are sick, it will cost you a lot of money.

A simple visit to the doctor coupled with filling out your prescription and a few diagnostic tests can rack up a bill that runs in thousands of dollars.

This is for simple ailments, if there is a surgery or a disease that require long term treatment- the cost is much much higher.

The amount needed to fund healthcare costs from your pocket is simply impossible to manage.

So why do we have to rely on health insurance in the United States?

Health insurance is the only option through which you can afford healthcare. If you have insurance, the insurance company covers the majority of the costs. This helps you manage healthcare costs within your means.

What is the health insurance model?

There are many types of insurance plans offered across the country depending on the insurance provider. The kind of coverage you are entitled to be based on the plan you have chosen.

In simple terms, you and other individuals pay the insurance company a certain amount of fee upfront each month. In return, in case you get sick, the insurance company covers the rest of the cost of your treatment or medication.

So, all the fee collected by the insurance company minus the spending on healthcare coverage of the insured is their profit.

This is a way to safeguard your finances in case you get sick and need treatment.

Is it necessary to have health insurance?

As discussed above, getting sick in America can cost you and simply is not affordable for most Americans unless they have insurance.

If you get sick and do not have insurance, you might end up with a lot of debt or in some cases, people choose not to seek treatment because they can not afford it.

The consequences of taking such a course can have long term consequences, thus you must be insured.

Even simple prescription medication can be very expensive if you don’t have insurance.

Which coverage plan is best suited for me?

That is a decision you have to make by choosing a plan which is affordable and will economically supplement your healthcare costs.

Look closely at all options available before signing up with a plan. Shop around and look for plans which help keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

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