Junk food

What is Junk Food?

Junk food is firmly entrenched in our lives, everywhere we turn we see signs of junk food, high in calories, tempting, delicious and hard to resist. Junk food is inexpensive and easily accessible. Junk food is not nutritious and high in calories but consumed daily by almost a third of Americans. Junk food includes processed food, fast food, sweets, chocolates, sodas, ice creams and sugary desserts.

The popularity of junk food

Junk food is extremely popular all over the word and every nation and community globally eats junk food. Everyone knows how unhealthy it is, but we still consume it anyways. In the USA, consuming junk food is much cheaper and easier to eat. Simply put, fresh and organic food can be expensive, and you must go through the effort of cooking it.

The delicious flavours of salted snack foods or sugary desserts can be addictive, and some people make it a regular part of their daily diet.

The harmful effects of Junk Food

There are plenty of harmful effects of Junk food which can significantly cause damage to your health.

Skin issues

Junk food damages the health of your skin, junk food can be oily, high in salt or sugar which can deteriorate the condition of your skin. You will become prone to acne and other skin issues. The increase in aerated drinks instead of water can also damage your skin.

Feeling Tired

Processed Foods are very high in calories and the portion sizes have been growing with the passage of time. Consuming such a large amount of junk food can make you feel tired and lethargic. This causes a decrease in productivity and the ability to be active.

Getting Bloated

Junk foods are high in salt which causes the body to retain water and making you feel bloated. The bloating and puffiness can only be reduced if you cut back on junk food.

Increased trips to the dentist

All those sweets and soda consumed damage your teeth and cause cavities and other oral health problems. The acid in fizzy drinks can cause teeth decay resulting in not only cavities but loss of teeth

Memory Decline

Eating high quantities of junk food which are full of saturated fats can not only affect the heart but create issues with your memory. You will find yourself forgetting minor details and facts, a result of memory decline due to high consumption of junk food.

Getting constipated

Junk food is low in nutrition and dietary fibres necessary to process food through the body. Feeling constipated is a natural effect of eating junk food as it is high in sugar, fats, and sodium but low on essential dietary nutritional needs.

You are hungry

You might be consuming big portions of food but nutritionally you are not providing your body with the right nutrients for proper functioning. Since these foods do not provide the necessary nutrients, you will start feeling hungry quite quickly.

Major reason behind obesity in America

The easy access to junk food in the United States of America is one of the key reasons behind the obesity epidemic in the country. The large portions of high calorie food consumed with calorie rich aerated drinks has increased obesity across the country. Obesity can cause multiple complications including increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Junk food leads to depression

Studies have shown that people who consumed junk food have greater chances of suffering from depression than people who did not eat processed food.

The harmful effects of junk food range from physical to mental issues. Eating junk food regularly can cause lifelong complications and take away from you the chance for a happy and healthy life. Food is a choice we make and eating a healthy nutritious diet is essential for our wellness. We have seen how junk food has created an environment of addiction which is not easy to let go.

If you try to quit junk food, the craving for it is hard to ignore but if you are set on changing your lifestyle there is nothing that can stop you from it. At the end of the day, it is your life, your body and you are the only one who needs to take care of it. An occasional ice cream, a burger or a plate of fries is not something you have to let go off but making it a regular habit where it starts to effect your health is something that needs to be changed. And only you and you alone can make that change.