Lifesaving medicines and the need for punctual delivery

Medicine has made breakthroughs that could not have been fathomed 100 years ago. The discoveries made have saved countless lives and given mankind the ability to survive against diseases, chronic conditions, and life-threatening illnesses. It is pertinent to make sure patients in need get their lifesaving medicine in time with no delays as it can be a matter of life and death for some people.

Some of the most common lifesaving medicines

Insulin for Diabetes

Before the discovery of insulin people with Diabetes or the sugar disease did not get to live long as their blood was simply not converting sugar into energy. With the discovery of Insulin, millions and millions of lives have been saved due to this lifesaving medicine. People with diabetes have been able to live healthy lives and not let it get into the way of their success. Insulin was first identified by Canadian researchers Frederick Grant Banting, MD, and Charles Best in 1921 and today plays a major role in the lives of countless people across the globe.

Antihypertensives to reduce blood pressure

If blood pressure is not kept at normal range, people with blood pressure issues can suffer from heart attacks, strokes and can even cause a vein in the brain to clog or burst. The risks are dangerous if blood pressure is not kept in control with lifesaving medicines such as antihypertensives which come in a variety of drugs.

Medication to treat mental issues

Mental health plays a major role in our wellness, issues such as depression, anxiety and stress can make a big difference to our lives and negatively affect our personal and professional life. Drugs for treatment of such illnesses can change our lives and give us the strength to move forward. The discovery of Chlorpromazine or Thorazine has changed our outlook towards mental health issues and made us understand that they are a disease which can be treated and managed.

Chemotherapy medicines for cancer patients

The discovery of lifesaving medicines for cancer patients has reduced the number of deaths caused by the deadly disease. It has brought a new lease to life in cancer patients and given hope to so many who would have not expected to survive a few decades ago.

Pain medication

If painkillers had not been discovered, people with chronic illnesses would be in insufferable pain and would have not been able to live normal lives. Pain medications for chronic back pain, arthritis, major surgeries, and cancer pain are essential medicines required on a timely basis.


This is the single biggest discovery in the history of medicine, penicillin is used to treat infections. Before the discovery of penicillin, if you had a serious infection it was most likely that you died. It has saved so many lives since its discovery that the numbers are unimaginable.

These are some key lifesaving medicines that have changed the course of history for mankind

The need for proactive care for drug delivery

Certain conditions such as heart disease and diabetes depend on constant lifesaving medicines, otherwise the results can be dangerous and can cause irreplaceable harm to the patient. It needs to be ensured that people with such conditions have an ample supply of lifesaving drugs and are refilled in time.

How do online pharmacies like Deliver My Meds play a crucial role in delivering lifesaving medicines?

As you grow older, sometimes the hassle of going to the pharmacy or getting a prescription refilled is ignored and we tend to miss days without medications. It is only natural that sometimes the effort does not seem worth the time and you feel you can skip on the life saving drugs. Portals like Deliver My Meds coordinates with the insurance and the doctor for your prescription. They make sure that the medication delivery takes place as scheduled to your doorstep. They even take care of refills and schedule delivery in such a manner that medicine delivery is on time.

Can I rely on an online portal from my lifesaving medicines?

The online medicines delivery offered by pharmacies such as Deliver My Meds are reliable and confidential. They also make sure you have 24/7 support should you need to speak to a trained pharmacist about your prescription, dosage, or side effects of your medication. They take the responsibility of taking care of your lifesaving medicines and get them to your doorstep on time.