National Organ Donation Day

National Organ Donation Day is celebrated across the United States to raise awareness and education about organ, eye, and tissue donation. It is also a day to remind us of the of the compassion shown by organ donors who provided a new lease to someone’s life. One life can give life to many others leaving a legacy behind which cannot be replicated by any other gift. Giving the gift of life to another human being is a gift like no other. It gives families a chance to rejoice and be optimistic for the possibilities in the future. If our one last act on the earth is to give life, what better way there is to be remembered by?

The gift of compassion

Your heart might beat in another human for years to come, your eyes might give sight to someone who has never experienced the colour of life or the peace felt while watching the sun set against the horizon. We can give that to someone, someone that has a story left to be told but is waiting on the transplant list.

National donor day is also a day to raise awareness on the need to register for organ donation. According to the official website of Donate Life America, 95% of American are in favour of being on the donor list but only 58% register to be a donor. There is a crucial need to bridge the gap and increase the number of registered donors in the United States of America. While medicine has broken barriers and discoveries have been made offering effective medical treatments, the need for organ donation still exists. the demand for organ, eye and tissue donation still vastly exceeds the number of donors.

We are extraordinary

National organ donor day is a day to remind us to register now, we do not know what fate will bring us, but we can safeguard our organs. We can ensure that our last deed on earth saves our fellow human being and gives them the opportunity to live life to the fullest. The number of lives one human life can save is extraordinary; the donation of organs can save up to 8 lives, the cornea can restore sight to 2 people and tissue from one human body can heal the lives of 75 people. The power one human life holds is astonishing, it can change the fate of so many, registering today as a donor will give you that power. The decision you make today will give so many a new window to life in the future. We can’t decide when or where or how our life will end but we can decide to help so many with the gift of life today.

Since 1998, 750,000 transplants have taken place and in 2018, 17,500 donors brought new life to countless families. Imagine the tears of joy of families, the happiness of loved one, the hope in a parent’s eyes and the yearning of love in child’s eyes one signature can bring. That is why National Organ Donation Day is celebrated, to remind us of compassion, of empathy and of love for our fellow human beings.

Register today!

Today, 110,000 men, women and children are on the transplant list waiting for lifesaving organ transplants in the US. A wait that might seem endless for so many, as day in and out they wait for the possibility of a positive update. The wait itself can be emotionally draining for the patient and their family. An increase in donor registration can significantly reduce the wait and reduce the chances of lives lost while on the transplant list.

Every ten minutes a person is added to the transplant list and 8,000 people lose their lives every year while waiting for an organ. That is 20 people dying each day because the organ they needed was not donated on time. This puts in perspective the dire need for increased donor registration to help people on the transplant list.

We need to evaluate our outlook on organ donation and register to become donors. This does not hamper our life in any possible way nor will it affect the quality of medical care given. It is simply a gift you can give others.

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