Prescription Delivery for the Elderly

The love for elderly parents cannot be described in words, it is intangible, the love that holds memories, time spent together and a different kind of love. Fulfil your responsibility and treasure the time spent by subscribing to an online prescription delivery for the elderly!

Taking care of your loved ones

Families matter, they are the bond that hold us together in time of love, grief, and happiness. Watching our loved ones in pain is never easy and we try to do the best we can to provide them with comfort in the best way we possibly can, we want what is best for them. But circumstances can make it difficult. Distances both physical and emotional, our financial position, family dynamics all play a role in our relationships, but the love remains.

 Offering support like no other

Sometimes we cannot be there for our parents to take care of them. They grow old yet we live far away to be physically available. They need caring for, timely visits to doctors, medication on time and emotional support. Signing up to a free online prescription service can make things easier for your parents.

On your end, a call a day, a text or a picture of your kids can go a long way in making your parents happy. It is the little things that matter, that we hold on to keep us grounded and wanted.

Sign up with Deliver My Meds today!

Adding a little ease in your parent’s life can make them less worried about the daily routine of their lives. Almost every elderly parent is on medication which needs to be taken on a regular basis. Sometimes they are essential lifesaving drugs which must be taken according to scheduled timetable. Deliver My Meds is an online prescription delivery service which delivers medication right at your doorstep. You can order for your parents and they will coordinate with the insurance and the doctor, order the medication, sort the pills in time stamped sachets and deliver them to your parents’ doorstep. They will never have to worry about going to the pharmacy or ordering refills again.

The service also includes 24/7 support service and all you need to pay is the insurance copay.