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The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) is a comprehensive system that has changed how individuals living with diabetes have monitored and maintained their blood glucose levels. This three-pack…


Dexcom G6 Sensors 3 Pack

The Dexcom G6 Sensors are available in packs of three or six sensors. The Dexcom G6 Sensor 3 pack is enough for a whole month of blood glucose monitoring. These sensors are designed to detect glucose levels in the blood. In this way, they negate the need for the uncomfortable process of finger-pricking for blood sampling. This compact device requires only a small insertion site and has been noted for its accuracy compared to similar devices.

An applicator is provided to ensure the sensor is appropriately inserted into the skin. This applicator is designed for single use only and should be discarded after use. The Dexcom G6 Sensors 3 pack has three sensors and their respective applicators. Users should replace the sensor after a 10-day usage period. With three sensors included, the 3-pack option allows for a month of continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Features of Dexcom G6 Sensors

Dexcom G6 sensors come with a lot of significant features that justify their popularity among diabetic patients.

  • This device’s compact and discreet design makes it highly comfortable to wear.
  • These innovative sensors are also water-resistant. So, you can wear them even when you are showering or swimming.
  • These sensors come with 10 days of wear time, providing additional comfort to the users.
  • Durability is one of the best features that this device bears. You can comfortably perform your daily activities without worrying about their impact on the sensor.

Significance of 3 pack Dexcom G6 sensors

The Dexcom G6 sensor 3 pack have gained significant popularity in the market as it comes with numerous advantages. One of the most significant benefits of these sensors is that they are flexible and durable. These features make them capable of withstanding vigorous activities. Their user-friendliness is also beneficial for the users. They can be conveniently attached to the body without the need for special protective measures.

Compared to conventional glucose monitoring methods that utilize pinpricks, Dexcom G6 sensors eliminate the discomfort and irritation associated with these methods. They are particularly suitable for individuals who are allergic to latex and adhesive chemicals. It is because these sensors do not cause any skin irritation and prioritize user comfort.

In terms of cost savings, Dexcom G6 sensors offer a significant advantage, as they can be used continuously for 10 days. In contrast, conventional monitoring methods require the purchase of monitoring strips each time blood sugar levels need to be checked. This is the reason people prefer to buy Dexcom g6 sensors instead of other similar CGM devices.


Where to buy the Dexcom G6 sensor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dexcom G6 Sensors detect glucose levels and come in packs of three or six sensors. The 3-pack offers a month of monitoring, as each sensor lasts for 10 days.

Each sensor can be worn for 10 days, providing you with a comfortable wear-time and accurate readings.

Absolutely, these durable sensors can withstand vigorous activities, making them perfect for active individuals.

You can buy them from diabetic shops, medical stores, or online platforms. Deliver My Meds is a recommended online vendor.

We provide free shipping, quick shipment, insurance coverage, and affordable prices on Dexcom G6 Sensor 3-packs.

We're a licensed and insured DME supplier with a reputation for quality. Our services include free shipping and insurance coverage, and our prices are competitive.


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