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Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (Monthly Subscription)


The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor is a modern, reliable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system designed to assist diabetic patients in managing their condition effectively. These sensors come with a discreet and comfortable design. They can be worn for up to 14 days.




The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor is a modern, reliable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system designed to assist diabetic patients in managing their condition effectively. This innovative device allows users to receive real-time readings of their blood sugar levels. This makes it easier for them to monitor and manage their glucose. The sensors can be worn for up to 14 days. This means users can replace the sensor infrequently. You also need a Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor monthly subscription to replace it. One of the most notable benefits of the Freestyle Libre 2 sensors is their high accuracy and precision.

You can purchase one Libre 2 sensor at a time or buy a monthly subscription. Purchasing 1-month and 3-month subscriptions to Freestyle Libre 2 sensors would be more beneficial for the users. It is because they do not have to buy it frequently. Moreover, the price per sensor reduces if you buy a monthly subscription.

Important Features:

Freestyle Libre 2 sensor has become highly popular among diabetic patients. It is due to its remarkable technology and accurate readings. This device has many features that enhance its market value. Here are some features of the Libre 2 Sensor.

  • Small yet comfortable: The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is a small, compact device that is about the size of two US quarters stacked together. It is designed to be comfortable to wear and can even be scanned through clothing.
  • Comfortable insertion process: The sensor is inserted below the skin using a small filament to measure the interstitial fluid.
  • Accurate blood sugar readings: The device provides accurate blood glucose readings without needing fingerstick calibration. It does not require any interruption to medication.
  • Water-resistant: The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is designed to be water-resistant, allowing patients to wear it while swimming, showering, or exercising.

Way to Apply the Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor:

The Libre 2 sensor is a user-friendly device that requires minimum effort to be inserted into your skin. Here is the easiest method to apply these sensors on your skin:

Choosing the skin area: Pick a site on the back of the upper arm, away from any scars or moles. Select a spot that is at least 4 cm away from your most recent sensor site.

Preparing your skin: Clean the site with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. Please do not use any lotions or creams on the area, as they can interfere with the sensor’s adhesion.

Applying the sensor: Open the sensor pack and peel off the protective backing from the adhesive side of the sensor. Place the adhesive side of the sensor firmly on the cleaned and dried skin with the applicator facing up. Make sure that the sensor is centered and aligned with your arm.

Activating the sensor: Press down firmly on the applicator to release the sensor once the sensor is in place. Wait for the applicator to make a “click” sound, indicating the sensor is activated.

Starting the sensor: Hold the reader within 1 inch of the sensor to start it. Follow the instructions on the reader to complete the setup process.

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