Freestyle Libre 3 Starter Kit


A complete starter pack that is composed of two sensors and a reader.

  • Water-resistant sensor
  • Easy-to-wear
  • Amazing charging time



Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Freestyle Libre 3 Starter Kit, a remarkable Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) innovation developed by Abbott. This compact and user-friendly device offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring convenient glucose monitoring and effective diabetes management. The Freestyle Libre 3 kit equips you with all the essential tools necessary for effortless blood sugar level monitoring.

Freestyle Libre 3 Kit components

The Freestyle Libre 3 Starter Kit encompasses two Freestyle Libre 3 sensors, providing you with a one-month supply. Additionally, you’ll discover the Freestyle Libre 3 reader, a remarkable display companion perfectly compatible with the sensor. This reader vividly presents real-time glucose levels, trends, and graphical reports, significantly assisting you on your journey towards diabetes management.

Features of the Libre 3 kit

One of the primary reasons behind the soaring popularity of the Freestyle Libre 3 kit is its array of remarkable features. The manufacturers have meticulously designed these features to enhance the user experience in monitoring their blood glucose levels. Here are some of the key characteristics of the Freestyle Libre 3 system starter kit that you should be aware of:

Longer wear-time

Enjoy the convenience of wearing the sensor continuously for 14 days. This remarkable feature enhances the device’s user-friendliness and ensures hassle-free usage, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Trend arrows

The Freestyle Libre 3 reader features trend arrows that breathe life into your glucose data through the “Daily Patterns” graph. This visual representation allows you to quickly grasp your recorded glucose values and gain valuable insights at a glance.

Accurate sensor

Despite its compact size, the sensor’s accuracy is unmatched. You can confidently rely on its readings, providing you with peace of mind during your monitoring experience. 

Target time report

Embrace the convenience of the Time in Target report provided by the reader. Effortlessly access crucial information about your glucose levels within your target range, facilitating better diabetes management.

Where to buy Libre 3 Kit?

The Freestyle Libre 3 kit is readily available across various online stores and marketplaces, as well as in nearby physical shops. While prices may vary, if you’re seeking a reliable and cost-effective option, we at Deliver My Meds are always there. You can buy Libre 3 at competitive prices, ensuring you receive the highest quality without any compromises.


The Freestyle Libre 3 kit by Abbott marks a revolutionary breakthrough in CGM technology, offering an exceptional solution for blood sugar level monitoring. With two sensors included in a month-long supply and a user-friendly reader, this kit empowers users with real-time glucose data. Additionally, it provides valuable trend insights through graphical displays and delivers accurate readings, making it an invaluable tool for efficient diabetes management.

If you have a broader interest in Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems, we also offer the Dexcom G7 starter kit at a reasonable price. Explore the world of Freestyle Libre 3 system starter kit – your trusted partner in efficient glucose monitoring and diabetes management.


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