Mini Med 630G Insulin Pump


Guardian Connect is a complete CGM system that authorizes you to chase your glucose levels without needing a fingerstick. With Guardian Connect, you have real-time access to all of your…


The MiniMed system has SmartGuard technology, which acts for you if your sensor glucose values go below a preset level. If you do not respond to alarms, SmartGuard technology can pause insulin delivery for up to two hours – giving you time to recover. You’ll also get predictive alerts of high or low glucose trends up to half an hour in advance.  The continuous infusion of basal—the small amounts of rapid-acting insulin—are more easily absorbed than long-acting insulin. Using an integrated continuous glucose monitor (CGM) allows automated features to be used.



  • You can also reduce low glucose episodes by up to 84 percent and lower the risk of long-term complications.
  • The Bolus Wizard Calculator automatically calculates and recommends precise bolus doses and helps you avoid insulin stacking if you accidentally set boluses too close together.
  • The pump lets you know up to 30 minutes ahead if you are trending high or low, so you can act sooner to keep your glucose levels where you want them.
  • The sensor wirelessly sends glucose information to your pump every five minutes, so you can see how you are doing, spot trends, and adjust.


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