At Deliver My Meds, we work closely with providers to ensure better outcomes for their patients. Whether improving medication adherence, facilitating back-office operations, or helping administer care plans for patients, Deliver My Meds is a reliable partner for your practice.

The Compass

The Compass is our user-friendly strip packaging solution that helps improve medication adherence. Our pharmacists consult with providers to understand the unique needs of their patients, and to help them take their prescriptions in a safe, timely and accurate manner.

Chronic Care Managment

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimates that two-thirds of Medicare patients have two or more chronic conditions. Through our Chronic Care Management services, our pharmacists collaborate with providers to improve coordination and access to care for these patients in between appointments. The Deliver My Meds clinical staff becomes a critical part of the patient’s care team, helping increase education, self-managed health behaviors, and compliance with advised medications and therapies. This way, provider’s can focus on the quality of care, while Deliver My Meds collaborates care of the patient in between their visits with their provider.

Prior Authorizations

Deliver My Meds coordinates with the insurance company and the provider to obtain prior authorization of the prescription. We will also assist in the renewal of prior authorization for a seamless experience. This will allow the provider to continue with the treatment plan without any hurdles or delays and eliminate the patient from experiencing a lapse of therapy. For some prescription medications, a lapse of therapy may cause the patient to end up in an emergency room.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Deliver My Meds offers remote patient monitoring by utilizing a bluetooth enabled devices approved by CMS specific to patient’s disease state. Data from these medical devices are sent to our clinical pharmacist. Our clinical pharmacist monitor this stay and keep your provider updated if there is any concern. This allows our clinical pharmacist make a prescription therapy adjustment to your provider. You might not see your provider for three or six months however our clinical staff will be monitoring your health on a daily basis.

Contactless Delivery Service

Our free contactless delivery service ensures that patients will receive their medications, and help reduce prescription abandonment.

Behavioral Health

Deliver My Meds offers remote behavioral health services by maintaining a remote consult on behavioural health patients. The patients are monitored remotely and if there are any issues, our clinical pharmacists adjust dosage accordingly. This guarantees sustained patient health and gives our providers the assurance that their patients are being looked after. If the pharmacist feels a doctor consult is required, they will get in touch with the provider for a treatment plan.


Our Clinical Staff Will Contact You Within 24 Hours