The Coronavirus pandemic and the toll it has taken on American Lives

When the first case of Covid19 was reported in Wuhan, China in the early days of December 2019, one could have not fathomed the anguish and sorrow it will bring to the lives of the American people. USA stands number one globally with highest number of cases and deaths due to the pandemic. With more than 450,000 deaths and 27 million cases till date, Covid19 vaccination is a ray of hope to bring back life to normalcy.

Vaccination is crucial to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country. The vaccination drive was initiated mid-December last year starting with the elderly and frontline workers. Rapid COVID-19 testing, and vaccination is now being offered by multiple outlets across the country including Deliver My Meds in Long Island, New York. The availability of vaccination now allows us to directly get vaccinated providing safety against the deadly virus.

The Covid19 vaccine is necessary step to move forward in this new age post the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe, it has created a new world order where the dynamics of work, education and health have been altered permanently. It is crucial to be vaccinated against Covid19 not just for our own survival but for our loved ones whom we hold dear. Only together can we move forward and stop the spread of Coronavirus.