“Transferring Your Prescription to the Best Diabetic Supplier for Free Home Delivery”

In the digital age, we are looking at avenues to bring comfort to our lives. This can be seen with the advent of countless services which are efficient and add value to customer service.

The advent of technology also introduced online prescription delivery services that offer free same-day delivery, sorted medication and refill services.

The Covid19 Pandemic

Going to a pharmacy can be difficult sometimes given the pressures of our daily lives and the responsibilities we bear. Not to forget the hassle of waiting in line and making multiple trips for refills. The Covid19 pandemic requires us to maintain social distancing and going to a pharmacy can put us at risk, especially the elderly and immunocompromised patients.

The availability of a service which delivers prescription at your doorstep is not only efficient, but also a safe way to receive medications while remaining at home.

Benefits of an online Diabetic Supplier

Moving to an online diabetic supplier means that your prescription will be delivered right to your doorstep. Your medication will be sorted according to your prescription by qualified pharmacists. The medication is packaged according to your daily needs, and a 30-day supply is delivered to the patients. The online diabetic supplier also schedules refills meaning you never have to miss your medication. This hassle-free service increases medication adherence and improves health.

Transferring your prescription

If you are interested in transferring your prescription to Deliver My Meds, you simply need to visit once to provide details that will include your personal information and the old pharmacies number. Our team will coordinate with your old pharmacy and get information about your prescription, medication and dosage only after your approval.

Once we have all the information, we will schedule your first prescription pack or compass which will arrive at your doorstep. From then on, you never have to worry about your medication again, your monthly prescription pack will arrive at your doorstep before the last one ends.

Why choose Deliver My Meds

Deliver My Meds strives to provide the best possible service to our valued customer. Our focus is to make patients comfortable and giving them the support, they need. Our qualified team of pharmacists ensure that your medication is as per your prescription and no errors are made. We are also available 24/7 to answer any queries you might have regarding your prescription, medication, and dosage.