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COVID-19 Vaccines

If you would like to be notified when Deliver My Meds has available COVID-19 vaccine dosages, please complete our notification form. To be added to our waiting list, kindly sign up here.

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Long Island

Our COVID-19 Vaccination Process

  • There are two parking lots on either side of the building for your use.
  • Please use the front building entrance after you park your car.
  • Our staff will perform a temperature check. (You cannot be vaccinated if you have the COVID-19 virus)
  • Once checked in, you will complete a form. We will collect your insurance information and photo ID at that time.
  • For anyone under the age of 60, proper documentation must be provided as proof of eligibility.
  • You will be vaccinated in our Vaccination Center. Once vaccinated, you will receive your next appointment if required and be observed for 15-30 minutes.
30 days Sorted Medicine Box


Yes, we do administer the COVID Vaccine, we currently offer the Moderna two dose vaccine.

28 Days after you receive the 1st dose. At Deliver My meds once you receive the 1st dose at checkout time, we create your 2nd dose, so you are guaranteed receiving both doses.