Coordinate with your doctor & insurance

Deliver My Meds will speak to your doctor and insurance company to coordinate your prescription & insurance co-pay. We schedule your first prescription pack and order refills to ensure you do not miss your medication. We will sort your medication.

Prescription Accuracy Guaranteed

Your prescription is examined by licensed pharmacists and advanced technological application are utilised to ensures accuracy. We take the prescription of our valued customers very seriously and each prescription pack goes through checks and measure which remove any margin of error. You don’t have to worry about taking the wrong dosage or medication

Your Medical Prescription, Made Simple.

Deliver My Meds delivers 30-day tailored prescription pack to be replaced with a new pack to ensure you never miss out on your medication.

Each prescription pack consists of stamped sachets which contain sorted medicines according to date and time. It is simple and easy and all you have pay is your insurance copay. The prescription delivery service is free of cost!

Same Day Prescription Delivery Service NY

Deliver My Meds is a quick and effective way to get your medication in time and sorted according to your daily needs. The prescription pack is delivered right at your doorstep or at the place of your choosing. Deliver My Meds offers same day delivery to our value customers

Wondering what this service is?

How much will it cost me? 

The online prescription delivery service is free of cost!.